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We offer a quiet place of reflection, study, meeting, and good coffee and crepes. We believe in the work of our patroness Dorothy Day in reaching out to the poor and the marginalized in society. Dorothy’s House of Coffee seeks to do that in our local community.


Dorothy Day is our patroness.  Our work is inspired by her commitment to providing for the poor, finding Christ in a secular world, and engaging local community. As Dorothy herself said, “The only solution is love, and that love comes with community.”


At Dorothy’s we are proud to feature such events as communal prayer, times of sharing, displays of art and musical performances.  These all help further our mission of connecting with each other and God in deeper and more meaningful ways.

Our Story

Who are we? Why do we exist?

Specialty Coffee


Our batch brew and espresso blends are sourced from our partner in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Black Diesel Coffee.

Our pour-over bar is where we feature a rotation of single-origin specialty coffees. Come and experience the actualized potential of specialty coffees sourced from around the globe. A regular and house favorite is the Nicoraguan coffee sourced and roasted by our partner in Ave Maria, Florida, Guadalupe Roastery.


more than just Coffee

We serve Kombucha and crepes! Each week, we’ll cycle two different kinds of crepes, so keep coming back to see what we offer each week!

The Best Coffee Shop

Coffee Bean

Best Beans

Coffee Bean

Quality Milk

Coffee Bean

Perfect Blend

We seek to be not first, not second, perhaps not even third wave coffee, but to be trailblazers in fourth wave coffee.

What does that mean? We serve really, really good products in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We seek to reignite the spirit of the historic coffee house; one of creative innovation and deep engagement with our neighbors.

We know where our products come from and that they are produced ethically and with a mind toward sustainability.

Come on In!

Monday to Friday

7am – 3pm


8am – Noon






503 East St.
Flint, MI 48503